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E-books raise many practical as well as policy issues including — but not limited to — copyright and first sale doctrine, licensing and terms of use, equitable access to information, privacy and First Amendment concerns. Many ALA members and others within the library community are offering e-books and closely monitoring the serious policies around access for library users, and the ALA Washington Office (WO) and the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) have established this web page to assist ALA members and others in the library community by bringing together a wide range of information and perspectives including news articles and blog posts about e-books, new e-book initiatives, economic models, and the future of reading. As this web site develops, additional materials will be added.

As we proceed, the WO and the OIF would appreciate hearing your questions and feedback about this site. Please contact: Carrie Russell, Marijke Visser, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, or Barbara Jones.

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  2. Randy LeSage says:

    I, like many other librarians and library users, have a deep concern with the issue of access of books and information for the general public. With regard to E-books I support the broadest possible availability and use for libraries and its users.

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