Freedom of Expression/Open Internet Access

News and Opinion

A Clear Danger to Free Speech
Geoffrey R. Stone, New York Times

An Open Letter to U.S. Government Officials Regarding Free Expression in the Wake of the Wikileaks Controversy (signed by ALA)

Statement on Wikileaks – Norwegian Library Organizations

Wikileaks May Spawn New Sedition Act
Bob Barr, Atlanta Journal Constitution

First Amendment Groups Urge Protections in Aftermath of Wikileaks Document Release

Columbia j-school staff: WikiLeaks prosecution ‘will set a dangerous precedent’

Wikileaks Tests the Internet
John C. Dvorak PC Magazine

Air Force Blocks News Sites that Post Wikileaks
Associated Press/First Amendment Center

Air Force Blocks Sites That Posted Leaked Cables
Wall Street Journal

Wikileaks Evicted from U.S. Computer Server
Associated Press/First Amendment Center

Wikileaks Row: Why Amazon’s Desertion Has Implications for Democracy
The Guardian

Banks and Wikileaks
New York Times

Operation Payback Attacks Target MasterCard and PayPal Sites to Avenge Wikileaks
New York Times

Wikileaks, the Law, and The Press
On The Media – NPR

Wikileaks and the First Amendment
Ralph Nader, Common Dreams

Respected News Outlets Collaborate With Wikileaks
Associated Press / First Amendment Center

Our Leaky World: WikiLeaks is only the beginning

WikiLeaks controversy could impact newsgathering

Wikileaks: Would First Amendment Protect Assange?
Christian Science Monitor

First Amendment Guru Floyd Abrams on the Wikileaks Situation
Wall Street Journal (July, 2010)

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