Law and Legislative Issues

Laws addressing national security and classified government documents:

Court Opinions Addressing Espionage and the Disclosure of Classified Information

Congressional bills introduced in the 111th Congress:

S.4004: Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination Act
Sponsor: Sen Ensign, John [NV] (introduced 12/2/2010) Cosponsors (2)
Related Bills: H.R.6506
Latest Major Action: 12/2/2010 Referred to Senate committee.
Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

H.R.6506:  Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination Act
Sponsor: Rep King, Peter T. [NY-3] (introduced 12/8/2010) Cosponsors (2)
Related Bills: S.4004
Latest Major Action: 12/8/2010 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

S.372 : Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2010
Sponsor: Sen Akaka, Daniel K. [HI] (introduced 2/3/2009) Cosponsors (13)
Related Bills: H.R.1507
Latest Major Action: 12/22/2010 Passed/agreed to in House. Status: On passage Passed without objection.

Congressional Research Service Reports

News and Opinion:

U.S. Subpoenas Twitter Account, WikiLeaks Says
New York Times

DOJ Subpoenas Twitter Records of Several Wikileaks Volunteers
Glenn Greenwald, Salon

Federal Court Order Served on Twitter, Inc. by U.S. Dept. of Justice

A Clear Danger to Free Speech
Geoffrey R. Stone, New York Times

Information is the Antidote to Fear: Wikileaks, the Law, and You
Kenneth Bankston, Electronic Frontier Foundation

U.S. Tries to Build Case for Conspiracy Against Wikileaks Founder
New York Times

Judiciary panel to take up Espionage Act, legal options against WikiLeaks
The Hill

Whistleblower Protection Bill Passes Senate

Publishing Classified Information: A Review of Relevant Statutes
Stephen Aftergood, Secrecy News, FAS Project on Government Secrecy

S. 372 Fact Sheet: The Whistleblower Protection Enforcement Act
Project on Government Oversight

Wikileaks, the Law, and The Press
On The Media – NPR

Whistleblower protection bill dies again, on the 1-yard line
Government Executive
By Robert Brodsky December 23, 2010

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